That one crazy person

Yeah, I’m going there. We all have experienced it; we’ve all seen it, heard it and possibly been a part of it. I know what you’re wondering. What is he trying to get to?

A little history

As I’ve mentioned many times before I currently work at Starbucks so I come across quite a variety of people. Ranging from homeless to vagrants so it’s safe to say I’ve dealt with a lot of crazy people in my Starbucks life. Before that I worked at Plutos restaurant in the Westfield Roseville Galleria for nearly five years. Even then I met some intriguing characters that I will always remember.

There were a few interesting nights when I worked at Mel’s Diner where I, too, had some similar experiences but not quite as many as Starbucks.

To date, though, I’ve never had an experience where we’ve had to actually ban somebody from coming in. Yes, some places can ban you. Yes, that did happen and I’ve had first hand experience with the person that got banned.

I often wonder what drives people to act in such a manner. Why? What does it really get you? Weirdest thing is that I sometimes wonder where that stems from. Yeah, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think too much.

It baffles my mind.

Earlier in the week we had a customer that wasn’t happy with the fact our system charges for certain things. Notice I said system. Not employee, but system. It’s like when the little computer on the car tells you something is wrong and not a random person standing next to broken down tow truck. Said person decided to rant and rave about it until that person got their way.

Thankfully I wasn’t there but I did hear about it.

Later on that day I was told that person was now banned. Yeah. Banned. Things happen I guess. Some people take things too far and have to deal with the consequences.

The moral

Be kind. Really is a lame way to end a post but it is true. Kindness doesn’t hurt. Unless you’re some sort of demon child with a vendetta against the world. Being kind can get you a lot more than you think. I think I take that for granted at times. At least it feels that way to me.

So, yeah, go out, be nice, be kind and be thankful.


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