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There is a bit of a hidden agenda behind this post. Okay, not really hidden since I’m just straight out going to tell you.

My wife is overly talented and has been through a lot to get to where she is now. Stuck with me and a child for the rest of her life. Feel free to take a moment to pray for her if you like, I’ll wait.

Still waiting.

Okay. I think enough time has passed, right? Hope so.

Now for what I wanted to share with you: Her mailing list. Yeah, a mailing list. I know you’re kind of wondering why, right? Because she can and wants to share. That’s why! Okay, maybe not entirely since I didn’t fully ask her but the gist is I want you to share and join her list.

She wants to share her artwork with you every week and the progress she makes on bigger pieces. If you want to see an artist at work and what steps to take then sign on up.

If you’re wondering, yes, she does do commission pieces as well.


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