A random title because I can

So I did.

The last week or so has been a little stressful. In a good way, though. The reason being we are going to be moving. I know some people already know but there are some that still don’t. Before you go asking where and when I feel there is a little history you must know.

Sorry, it’s not going to be a short post. Just an average one.

So, for the last two years Jamie and I have lived together with our headache we love to call Salvador Jack ( or SJ for short ) and it’s been a fun – and often painful – experience for us both. We’ve learned a lot and experienced a lot along the way; not just about each other but ourselves as well.

Prior to that we were living with my younger sister in the same complex we currently are in. I was working two jobs at the time and I wasn’t very happy. A lot of it was because of the management from my secondary job. I call it that because that was what it felt like despite being my primary source of income. I just couldn’t keep doing it. It felt like it was sucking the life and happiness out of my life. That’s never a good thing, last I checked. I could be wrong.

So, I quit. I began to spend more time in front of the computer, reading, writing and sharing what I learned. Made me feel good. Really good. Like I was actually doing something that mattered and actually effected people in a positive way. Yes, I’m talking about reviewing WordPress themes and hopping on the forums as well. I’ve often felt and said that the power of one is a huge significance. Don’t underestimate it.

Now, we’re looking to move once more. Back with my little sister into a three bedroom so our little booger can have his own room. I am a little nervous because it’s going to be upstairs but a lot of that fear is just fear of not knowing. Fear of not knowing how he will act and behave when he sees how high off the ground he really is.

As I was saying, the last week has been a bit stressful. Fun. Exciting, but stressful.

And to think, we don’t even begin to move until next month.


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