Running on emotions

So I’m sitting in the backroom at work and typing this out on my lunch break. Yeah. So much for productivity right?

On lunch! Key words, right there.

I have about ten minutes left and I can’t say enough: I hate lazy people.

I freaking hate them all. There are times when I show up to see some people and can’t help but wonder how much I will have to run around because I know some things were missed. I hate that feeling.

Nothing worse than reaching down to grab some lemonade only to find that you have no backups. You might as well not even carry any. I hate it even more when people say that we have no product when they didn’t even try looking for it. Yes, I will often do this but, frankly, I hate it. It is my last resort and only when the customer is being rude. Yeah a little hypocritical on my behalf.

I will say this though I love hopping on the WordPress theme review queue to see new faces and some familiar faces doing some theme reviews. It’s a welcome change from having to deal with physical people at times.

Yes, I love talking online and on social platforms. Twitter and Facebook are the two main ones for me but I see myself using Twitter more and more. Every so often I’ll hop on to IRC channels but usually frequent the same one devoted to WordPress. Duh! Would you expect anything less from me?

Now, I just have to think about what to do on my days off this coming weekend.


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