On being resourceful

Earlier today I was asked something that actually made me question the direction of my life. At least for a moment. Yes, there are times I wonder what I’m doing and why I even do it. I then look at my mental mirror and tell myself that I do what I do because it makes me happy. Do I really mean it, or is this something I just keep telling myself? I do find it a little odd that I even question my own motives. I’m sure I’m not the only one though.

Let me bring you up to speed as quickly as possible. I work overnight at a drive-thru Starbucks. ( Yes, still ) For the last two years I’ve been doing it because I find it easy. Granted some days are easier than others but it is easy for me. I’ve been with the company for far longer than I care to count. Yeah, that long. Approximately eight years.

Yeah. Eight. Eight years. Crazy, right?

You would think. I love what I do. I know some of my co-workers wouldn’t fully guess it or understood it but I really. Part of the reason is because I interact and get to know people on a daily basis. Make connections that I never would have if I didn’t live in the U.S. Like seriously, no lie. I don’t think I would be in the same situation had my parents not moved out of El Salvador. (Crazy to think.)

Now, my manager asked me what I was doing with Starbucks. I replied by saying, “It’s just something in the meantime.” Yes, that is partially true. I want to do other things with my life and a career at that company is not for me. Don’t get me wrong I’ve thought about it plenty of times and the answer is always no. I know I wouldn’t be happy.

The biggest reason is because I am the person who likes getting dirty. I love physical learning. ( very hands-on training if you will ). And I also like to teach when I can not because I have to. I don’t like forced learning or teaching. I never have. It often shows in my writing if you couldn’t tell you grammar Nazis. Yeah, I said that, now what?

Anyway, that vocal exchange brought up a memory of when a co-worker asked for ice. I asked if they had checked the front ice bin to see if there was still any. Reluctantly I went and got ice; mostly in part because I just didn’t want to hear a lame excuse. I simply said, “Here, next time be resourceful.”

Yes, I said that. To a co-worker. And I meant it too.

Over the years I learned to look at my surroundings and act accordingly. Asses the situation and react, if you will. I generally took it upon myself to do things, get things and learn things. On my own. If I ran into trouble I would find a way to resolve that. I guess to a certain extent: basic troubleshooting.

Yes, I am slightly comparing being resourceful to troubleshooting but I feel they go hand-in-hand. I think that is one of the reasons I love helping out in the WordPress.org forums when I can.

I don’t know I guess I just get angry when people say they’ve hit a wall when they haven’t even tried to do anything to alleviate, or amend, the situation they’re faced with.


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