On the up and up


Yes, I listen to Relient K. Wanna fight?

This song popped in my brain the moment I thought about the current life events and the next several weeks that will follow. Things are looking up.

Granted, there are some days when I feel a little down but a good 90% I feel good about the things in my life. The biggest one is my family. At least the family Jamie and I began a little over two years ago. They both always manage to put a smile on my face despite all the wrongs in my life. They will always be my motivation and inspiration.

Back in June I made a post checking the status of where I was with theme reviews. At the time I had reviewed 330 themes; now I’m around 480 themes that I’ve completed. I’m making some progress. Makes me feel good knowing that I’ve learned from it all. Even better when I know I’ve made an impact on people’s lives from it.

The other thing that I’m really happy about is the weekly meetings I’m helping organize for the WordPress theme review team. The reason I say “help organize,” is because it takes more than one person to have a meeting. It’s true and you know it. It’s a small stepping stone but it is a huge hurdle for me. Part of that reason is because it means keeping several people in the loop and communicating all this information in different methods. I, for one, love it; just takes a little more time in my day which Jamie understands and I love her for it.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ll be moving pretty soon and it will be tedious. I only say that because I hate moving in general. Unless I really, really, really, really have to. Yes, that many “really’s”. It’s a good move. SJ will have his own room, Jamie and I will be have some privacy (to an extent) and I am looking forward to it. I really am. I just don’t like the whole packing, move this, move that, rearrange, rearrange, unpack and all that involved with moving from one place to another.

One other thing I’m really stoked about is the WordPress contributor team meetups. I’m pretty happy to say that Jamie is pushing me to go. Yes, she is pushing me and I’m listening. Crazy, right? Not entirely because she knows I’ll be happy and wants to show her support for my advancement in my learning. I really want to go and she knows it too so you can’t really blame her for pushing me.

So yes, the song is a slight mental state I’ve been the last few days.

I’m just trying to be a better version of me for you.


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