The voices in my head

Daily prompt inspiration

Yes, every so often I like to go to that blog and see what I would like to write about. It’s neat, it’s fun and at times makes me think. This time it made me think about my inner monologue. The random scenarios my brain likes to dream up and wander about. At times it can be a little strange because I think about what the person will say in return. Do keep in mind that often times that is with specific situations; it’s not always the same when you involve more than one person that replies.

At minimum a good conversation has two people. Notice I said, “at minimum?” and that’s because it’s true. A conversation is an exchange of ideas and you can’t really exchange ideas too well with only one person. Unless your name is Stephen Hawking or Neil deGrasse Tyson then you just don’t count in that. It’s just not fair to compare though so we’ll leave them out of this, shall we?

The subject matter is also a great starting point when it comes to wanting to have a good conversation. I say that only because there are times when you must have an intelligent and thought invoking conversation to challenge your brain. Granted there are times when your brain doesn’t work as fast to process those ideas but once it does it feels like the sun created a spotlight in just the right way to walk you through the confusion. It’s a great feeling knowing that you learned something.

Yes, there are many, many times when I think to myself about certain subjects but would love to have a second opinion or thought in that matter. I do think that is why I love what I have been doing with the theme review team. We’ve made progress with our weekly meetings and it’s even better that we now have more and more people wanting to partake in it as well. It makes me happy knowing that I’m slowly making an impact on something bigger than myself.

It’s been great to see what other people say on a particular subject and even better when we all agree on one thing. It’s when we can pool all these ideas and views and find a common ground that makes me happy. Having more than one person to bounce ideas to is a great starting point for any good conversation.

I guess you can say a good conversation is limited by ideas not just people.


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