Lack of sleep and late night thinkings

Yeah, I know I misspelled that. I did it on purpose. I am that exhausted and tired. I’ve had a fairly long day. A rather productive one but long nevertheless.

Walked, talked and learned quite a bit from it all.

Experiencing the city of San Francisco is completely different when you don’t have your loved ones next to you. It’s weird, I mean, at least to me it is. You notice some things you might otherwise neglect or look over or even give a second thought about.

I’m not putting that down. I think it’s good. It’s healthy. Taking a break is a good thing.

I should be doing that. Instead I’m writing a post because I can’t seem to fall asleep because my head is filled with so many ideas that I want to process each individual one and take notes on each one as well. Yeah, mental brainstorming of a storm.

On the plus side I’m glad I have pens and paper with me.


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