Trying something new

Every so often I like to try a new beer or a new drink. This time I wanted to try two different drinks. One is a beer and the other being a cider.

One that caught my eye was by Kona Brewing Company. The golden ale was really good. I was rather surprised by the flavor of this beer. I’ve always liked to darker beers but this is one that I would choose if it was more available. I think the other appeal is the maker of said beer. Kona Brewing Company. Next time I think I will have to try out their IPA.

The other that caught my eye was the Stella Artois Cidre. I’ve never been a huge fan of ciders but I figured I’d give this one a try. Not my cup of tea. It was okay but the flavor is just not for me. I think I’ll stick to Angry Orchard for some time; or at least until I find something else I like.

Next month I think I’ll try a red wine and give that a review or at least its own post. I’m not much into posting reviews about drinks I have but have been thinking about it more and more. This is a small step to that.


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