My handwriting skills

Well, not my typing ability. I mean my pen, pencil, paper type of skills.

Over the years my handwriting has changed. I used to write in a more legible manner. Now I’m working on my calligraphy skills so you can imagine what that looks like now. It’s okay.


As you can tell I got bored one day before work, grabbed my calligraphy pen and began to experiment. I’m not entirely happy with the way they turned out but at
least I practiced. Today I went out and got a new book:


Really like it. I skimmed through it and will actually read the book over the weekend. Weird, I know. Me reading is a scary thought. Okay not really but it has been way too long since I ever read a book.

This is just a small spark I needed in the right direction to keep my creative juices flowing. Now if I could only buy all the pen nibs I wanted then I would be set for life.


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