More motivated than before

You read that right. Me. Motivated.

If you hadn’t already noticed I’ve been writing|blogging more lately. It’s made me happy. Part of that reason is because it lets me jot down ideas. Sort of a reference point for me.

The other part is because I like to share my happiness.


Over the last couple of years that has taken a strange turn because of working at Starbucks. I really hate saying it but it makes me hate people sometimes. It does. It hurts to say it because I genuinely love people. It’s the characters that I don’t like much. Certain genres of people who make me weep and want to just up and quit that job.

I mentioned this to Jamie the other day and she could see it in my eyes. I think. I would like to think she did.

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons that I’ve wanted to look for another job. Yes, I’m being public about it. So terrible! Be happy for me. I’m taking the steps to my happiness. I support people who feel the same way or are even going through the same things I may.

We all deserve to be happy. How we go about that is entirely up to the individual person.

Alright, so I titled the post, “more motivated than before,” because it is true. Today I got a chance to dabble with Illustrator once more. The last time I actually did anything with it was for school; that was well over five years ago.

Brace yourself, it’s a tweet:

The thing to keep in mind is that I literally haven’t touched that program in years. The last thing I did was a little bit of type and a basic template; brace yourself for another tweet:

Yes, I like WordPress. There is a story behind the shirt’s wording but that’s for another post. I guess. Or I could just link to the YouTube video I made for the story. Maybe some other time.

Yes, I like to tweet random things like that and yes those are GIF images rather than JPG|PNG. I’m weird, I know.

Now, the main reason I say that I’m more motivated is because I have several character ideas that I have wanted to turn to shirt designs and never really got around to doing because I didn’t have a chance or the time. Well, dabbling with Illustrator for that brief amount of time and seeing Wacom’s Inkling in action made me want to try my hand at sketching and shirt design once more.


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