Celebration of all sorts

Today is Jamie‘s birthday. Yes, I did remember it. I didn’t need a reminder like my laptop told me last night. I actually did it by myself. 😀

It is going to be a little hard because we are both working today. We’ll be celebrating her birthday on Saturday. Weird to think that we’ve been together for as long as we have. Yes, we’ve had our little squabbles here and there but they’ve been our little squabbles.

There are a lot of things I would love to say but can’t seem to find the right words at the moment. Biggest reason is because I’ve been awake for the last ten hours or so. Sleep deprivation can be a good thing at if you’re used to it. Yes, I’ve been awake for that long.

The stranger part is that every single time people ask me how long we’ve been together I have to think about it. Not sure why I have to think about it but I do. Every single time. Even now I have to pause, pause, think and count how far back we’ve been together. Yeah. That long.

If I have to think about it it’s too long. – me

Yeah, I do say that. A lot. More than I probably care to count at this point.

I guess the plan for today is go home, sleep, wait for Jamie to get home, make food, get ready for work and call it a day. Sounds super enticing. Very enthralling I guess. Okay, not really but it will make the day go faster and the week a little faster as well.

On the plus side my sister and I got her something we both know she will absolutely love and use for a long time. Can’t wait for the weekend so we can spend it together.


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