Saturday’s recap of the day

Well, I guess it was inevitable: I slept.

Yep, I actually slept. I felt really odd after though. I wanted to sleep more but decided to not do that and began my day. I leave that last sentence with a slight question only because I am wondering if I really did begin my day. I ate, got my laptop and took care of what I should have two days ago.

I think it took me so long was because I wanted to answer an email in the right manner with the right words. It scares me a little that now I’m just waiting for a reply. It’s healthy. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. It’s good. The last time I felt like this was my junior year in high school when I got my first job.

Not entirely sure why I’m delaying what I should be doing right now but I am. Mostly in part because I’m typing this out and not writing what I should be writing. [Trails off…]

In other news I partially transferred my domain! I still have a few things to take care of but in the following days, weeks, months however long it takes I’ll be clearing out a lot of the posts and making an attempt to reorganize the site. So, looks like I’ll be busy writing, re-writing, editing, adding, deleting and cursing more than usual so to my twitter friends and followers: I apologize ahead of time. To my Facebook friends and family: deal with it.


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