December the second

I like weird titles. I felt like doing it that way.

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday or the day before. Yeah. About that. Made me a little sad. I ended up falling asleep on the couch with Jamie and little man while watching Futurama. It was good, it was fun though neither one of us wanted to sleep. Jamie wanted to work a piece for an upcoming show and I wanted to work my projects.

Of course that didn’t happen on Sunday night. Monday night was more productive though so there is the plus side. Today was a  bit of both. Took a quick nap with little man and tried to reorganize the living room only to have it destroyed by our junior hurricane. I will say though it was funny seeing him run around and being a goofball like dad used to be when he was that age.

I know, shocking, right? Me. A goofball?

I began working on the documentation on a project ( finally ) and cleared out a few more posts on my self-hosted site. Yeah, still have a lot of cleanup to do there. I’m thinking of doing a random tutorial on SVN and some basic commands to use. Sorry, talking nerdy again.

In other news, I’m super nervous about an email I might be getting in the next couple of days. Hoping for some good news to happen.

Fingers crossed.


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