Closet case listener

The other day at work I was listening and rocking out to music. We like to listen to a lot of the Punk goes albums. There are some I like better of course but that’s me.

Now, what made this night a little bit more special was that I had a random flashback to when I was in high school. Yeah, weird, right? I thought so too. Bare with me because I’m getting to the good part here. While I was in this little flashback I saw my hair, the lack of glasses and the music. Oh, the music.

Around high school I liked to listen to a lot of punk, alternative and every so often I would listen to hip-hop. Only when it was on the popular radio stations or the tv. Yeah, I’d leave the tv on for background noise. I still do from time to time. Don’t know why but it helps me tune out and focus better.

So, the music part. Oh, the music part! There is one in particular that really stood out the most. One band that I hated to like to listen to. Sort of a closet case listener? Yeah, sounds about right. I didn’t want many knowing I listened to this band I did have some of their lyrics memorized. I still do have some of those memorized.

That band was: 2gether

The song I almost began to sing aloud: Calculus


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