I miss lack of sleep days

There comes a point in a given week when I can’t seem to sleep right; whether it’s too much on the mind or just glaring at the computer screen for too long. I just can’t seem to shut my mind down.

On the plus side of that I’m able to do things I actually would like to do. I think that is one of the reasons I love not sleeping. These overnights have taken a bit of a toll on my mind but I’m making an attempt to not let them drag me down. I’m just glad my kiddo is there to make me smile. Yes, Jamie is also there.

It does sound strange to say that I love working crazy amount of hours. I sometimes miss the days I would work Mel’s Diner, Starbucks and then back to working at Mel’s. The thirty-six hours of no sleep cycle is one that I do miss most. Yeah, a little bit crazy but it made me feel good for some reason.

I bring this up only because I know that in a couple of weeks I’ll be doing almost the same exact thing. The biggest difference will be that I’ll be happy with what I’ll be doing.

Yes, I am looking forward to not getting the “right,” amount of sleep for me. I focus better when I am a little rem deprived.


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