Reading more spam comments

In a previous post I wrote about random spam comments that I would get. I think it’s time to revisit a few new ones. A look in my queue shows me one that I had to laugh a little bit at:

There, he learned the proper use of martial arts and not just a
matter of becoming a champion. In difference places different
conditions are needed, and it depends on the situation that people are needed.
For whatever reason, Sandler and Barrymore have had impeccable chemistry in The Wedding Singer and
the passable 50 First Dates, and the two seem to genuinely enjoy one another’s company.

Rather poetic if you ask me. My favorite line is the last one. I honestly don’t know why I actually own that movie since I don’t like it at all. I couldn’t get into it or just the plot was too blah for me. I’m just not a fan of it.

The other one that really caught my eye was:

If you are searching for a vampire costume for your next costume party, you can buy from a local party store or shop online.

Now, the reason this one caught my eye was because it was rather clever in the phrasing. I mean, of course I’ll buy from a local party store a vampire costume but then again why wouldn’t I? Just seems odd to look online and then wait for the thing to arrive. What happens if the costume doesn’t fit? Wait more? No, thank you.

Last one:

Bo Jackson’s post-playing career at Nike has seen a boom n recent years

You don’t say? I guess random trivia is a good thing. I guess. I would reply with another bit of random trivia but I feel that would just lead to more randomness. I don’t mind random but I just feel like following up to something like that. Or better yet, start a site devoted to random trivia! Okay, there are too many of those as it is so I’ll just stop here.

I can’t wait to see the next round of “comment spam weekly.”


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