My closing remarks

This year brought a lot of ups and downs. I mean a lot of ups and downs. Crazy to think that this year has already passed and my son is already two. Two!! He’s freaking two already. Where that time went I really can’t say. It’s scary but good.

Over the last year I was a part of something bigger than myself and proud of it. The coming year I’ll be able to be a part of something amazing and I’m nervous, ecstatic, confused and super elated. Yes, that happy I used two synonyms for it. Get used to it, I’m that happy.

The beginning of the year felt rocky because I began a small journey to becoming an admin for the WordPress theme review team.

Over the course of the year I would stay after I was done working an overnight and would review themes and make an occasional post on the forums. Yes, I like helping people when I can. Leave me alone!

Kim and I posing for the camera.

The highlight of my year was when I got a chance to go to WordCamp San Francisco. I drove down by myself and spent a few days with another core contributor in a hotel. The drive back was more painful but was worth every second spent there. I spent about five days on my own working with a lot of people I came to know only virtually. It was a blast. We got a lot of things done and in the end I got more motivated to pursue my version of happiness.

Yes, I said, “my version.” We all have our own take on what makes us happy.

Aside from the good there were a few bad things. As is life, right? We all get that little roller-coaster of emotions and they pass. For me it has been full of plenty of ups, downs and loops. I feel like in my current position at work I can’t do a lot. I don’t mean privileges or access but level of happiness. I focus on the customer and over time it has slowly faded away. It makes me sad to see that. I’ve slowly been trying to make that change.

It ain’t easy.

The end of the year ‘ll be celebrating at work. Again. You know what though? I don’t mind it. This year I’m pretty happy about it. I know I won’t be doing that for the rest of my life. The coming year will be filled with more than I will be able to take in. I’ll have to take tons of pictures so that means I’ll be having my batteries charged and a memory card ready and one on standby.

Let the new year begin!


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