Strange things happen

Almost two weeks since the new year and I’m already feeling super positive about it all. The last several weeks were strange in that I’ve been experiencing new things and learning more and more.

I’m super lucky to be learning this and super ecstatic as well. It does show and it’s for the good. I do find it strange that some things happen the way they do. The beginning of the year I dropped down to working four overnight shifts and having at least two days off in a row. It’s been years since I’ve ever been able to do that.

Today I got to work and was greeted by a piece of paper that we often dread seeing. No, not a final paycheck. I look forward to mine but that’s only because it marks the beginning of a greater journey for me. It was actually an incident report. I guess something happened hours before the night crew ( me and the supervisor ) arrived.

Needless to say this will be a very fun, educational, and entertaining year for me.


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