Off on a tangent

There comes a point in time when you really just have to say, “enough is enough.” You know that little push, that little nudge, that sends you over the hill and into the breaking point. The last straw that broke the camel’s back, I guess. Today, I came pretty close to it. I nearly lost my cool and began to rant.

I didn’t.

I kept quiet and began to think about why I do my job. Yes, I’m emphasizing that part. Why? Because it is a job. I do it by choice. I choose to be here and help people with their caffeine addiction and beverages intake. I’m super thankful and lucky to have this job. Some of the people I work with really forget that and it drives me crazy.

So crazy that I’m resorting to writing about it. Yes, I know some may read this but it’s true. Yes, I may act like I don’t want to be here but as I said it is an act. I frankly love working where I do. It’s some of the people who I work with that I’m not so happy about.

When I show up to work I shouldn’t feel like I’m going to be doing everything. I just shouldn’t. It happens every so often when I see who is working. It makes me even sadder when I hear the tone of voice change in some people as they near the end of their shift. A lot of them show it more than others. Really grinds my gears.

The tragedy is I have this happening more often that I care to count. This week has been full of playing catch-up and spot the mistake. I know a lot of it can be easily rectified but people choose not to do it. They feel like it’s not their job.

There are things that make me happy about this job though. The number one is the people I get to help and see. The interaction between them lifts my spirits up and makes me see how I like being. The greatest response I’ve gotten so far from a customer was, “you’re too happy for this job.”

The reason I like it is because it can be true. There are plenty of times in my shift when I’m far too happy to be doing this job, but you know what? That’s the beauty of it. I choose to be happy. I’m making the best of my situation and if I can make one person happy it’s been a good day.


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