A magnetic juxtaposition

Jamie and I have been together for the last God knows how many years. Okay, I always forget. Leave me alone. The reason I can never remember is because I never want to put a number to it. We’ve been married a long time. We choose to be together. We choose to be happy together. Granted that doesn’t happen everyday but we are happy together.

I am super lucky to be with a person that encourages me and challenges me both physically and mentally.  No, she doesn’t beat me. Too often. Okay, not at all – on purpose – really. In all seriousness, she makes me happy. There are days when I question why she still wants to be with me and thanks my lucky stars she still there by my side.

We are nearly polar opposites., our birthdays are six months apart, and our personalities are nothing alike. All I know is I’m happy to be with Jamie and look forward to what the road has for the two of us.


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