A month out

Okay, it has been over a month since I last published anything. Seriously. A month. A little odd for me but a lot is on my mind. I try to keep busy by reading. Yeah, not actual books. I need to though. It’s been years since I read an actual book. I can’t even recall what book that was.

In recent news, I managed to get to 900 themes under my review belt. A little crazy but I’ve learned a lot about themes and code. More so about JavaScript too.

One thing that many people didn’t know was that I did a trial run for Automattic. It lasted about a month. I learned a lot about myself. Of course I didn’t get the position but I’m not upset. I was happy. Still am. The thing to remember is that, Automattic sets you up for success right off the bat. They give you the tools and all you have to do is apply yourself and the knowledge you have and whatever position you want is yours.

The timing wasn’t in the cards this time.

On to the next item!

I’ve been slowly chipping away on a design for a theme. Yes, I’ve mentioned working on a theme for the longest time and have yet to even finish it. I need to devote my days off for this. I really should. Just block out everything and complete it. A lot of the inspiration does come from all the other themes I’ve reviewed in both code and design.

I can say though I am looking forward to finishing the small project that has taken me over a year to complete. The small motivation came from a photo I took years ago:


The biggest reason I’m using it is because of what the image reminds me of. What I like doing. I’ve always loved taking random macro shots. I haven’t had a chance to do that much this year. It’s felt a bit of a drag. I need to change that.

Guess it’s time to grab my charger, my camera and the lens with my extension and just take random pictures again. Do that in between everything else, right?


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