Lack of sleep

Okay, I sleep more than I would like. Really I do. Lately I’ve been trying to expand my knowledge base for JavaScript and the workings.

A bit of back story

Way back when I was in middle school I took a computer class. A basic computer class. I learned a little bit about publishing, image editing and a dash of programmming. Yeah. Programming. Shocked, aren’t you?

I didn’t really think much of it. That was until I experienced the internet…

A good experience! I saw my first website and wondered how things were being done. I wanted to know how this site was made, what was being used and how. I turned to Lycos. Yeah. Way back when they had the commercial of the dog playing fetch.

Enter Microsoft FrontPage

Typed in create website and found out that I had the software to creat a site of my own. The software was Microsoft FrontPage. I dabbled around with the little WYSIWYG editor. I hated the visual editor and resorted to messing with the code editor instead. I wanted to know more.

I wanted to know how to make images appear, disappear, display elements and why some things didn’t work. I liked to troubleshoot even then.

The one thing I did come across that did elude me was how to create interactivity. I didn’t dive too deep because at the time I was just messing with HTML.

MySpace profile

Then came MySpace. Yeah. I tried my hand at customization. That was the main reason I created one. The second was sort of networking but didn’t do much of that. I grabbed a book on CSS and learned the basics.

Yeah. Long nights of reading and reading books. Same thing for PHP. Still am learning new things everyday and even more so with JavaScript.

Though it sounds strange to say I feel better when I don’t sleep and learn new things, I really do. I love challenging my brain and sometimes my body; hence the sleepless nights.


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