External update

Okay, this post is for the nerdy and possibly photo nerds as well. You know who you are. I migrated hosts a few months back and totally forgot to migrate all the images. Wasn’t too concerned with that. Well, now I am. The only reason is because I realized that I had some good photos.

Yeah, some.

Today was rather productive in that I finished a post that has been plaguing me for quite some time. Okay. really it was just driving me nuts and finally got down to it and typed it out. Didn’t take as long as I expected so that was the good part.

Then I added support for a plugin I’ve been using on my personal site. Should make things a little easier down the road. I say this as I cross my fingers. Not easy to type with fingers crossed.

I think the biggest win of today is the addition of those images. At least some of them.


As you can see I had some time to kill because I watched them upload. Okay, not all of them but you get the idea. In the coming days I’ll try to share those photos on my personal site. Part of that reason is that some of those images are about ten megabytes. Yeah. 10mb.

I won’t be linking them here so that does mean you will have to go to my personal site in order to download them. Sorry not sorry.

Expect a few random posts if you follow me on twitter, or are on my Facebook friend list. Oh, yeah and maybe Google. It will be setup to post there too.


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