Understanding the way we are

The past couple of days have taken a toll on my mind. Mental health is one thing I can say I rarely ever think about. My own at least. I tend to put that in the back burner. A third thought if you will. Yeah, not even a second.

I put on Pandora and began a station. One song in particular got me thinking more than it really should. Motion City Soundtrack. Hello Helicopter.


The lyrics made me think and wonder. The ones in particular:

Hello helicopter,have you heard the news?
No one gives a shit about the things they do
We all waste and consume, destroy and ruin everything we touch
It’s easy not to think when you’re not told that much

The reason these particular words resonated harder than others is because it is something I feel has been a trademark lately in my life. It sounds really bad. It does. Knowing that everything we touch gets wasted, consumed and destroyed. Figuratively and literally. It makes me sad.

This rang super true a few days ago. It sounds really bad but I almost walked out of work. I think the biggest emphasis was:

No one gives a shit about the things they do

When I show up to work, I expect a certain level of – how can I put this – quality. I fully understand that not all shifts are the same. I do. I have worked just about every shift to know that; closing, open, overnight, swing. morning, and the occasional morning to afternoon. That’s a fun one because that’s when the customer mood changes.

A few other lines rang true:

Nobody seems to care

As much as I hate to admit this, it is super true. There are times when I work with some people who give off that vibe. Just stand around, do nothing and expect those around them to do everything for them.

I’m glad I didn’t walk out that night though. I would have felt so bad. Yeah, I have a heart; oddly enough. Many of my coworkers may not fully agree with that.

I think what amazes me most is how much one person can truly have an effect on you; even if that person is a co-worker.


One thought on “Understanding the way we are

  1. Hi Jose:

    I worked at the SBUX at Arden Fair for over 2 years. This was a second job on top of my full-time job (at the time). I actually loved the culture of the company and how they seemed to care about the community, customers and employees.

    I eventually lost that job when a new manager from Davis came in and began replacing all the existing staff with her homies from her old store in Davis. It sucked at the time. Everyone I had worked with had a rapport, even though we were all very different. We had a team culture, but perhaps the new manager wanted her own team culture back in place. In the end, it was the best for me, as I was burned out anyway, and when in the barista position, I felt a lot like I was doing the brunt of the shift (cashiers were being told to pretty much stay put and not “float” over at that time.)

    In the many years since then, I’ve learned that you can’t change people. They are going to do whatever the fuck they want to do, regardless of what makes sense, or what is fair, or what it does to others around them. It’s difficult to shut these folks out. Sometimes you can get away from them, but most of the time you can’t.

    You have to do what YOU think is right, in any situation in life, regardless of what people around you are doing. If you are lucky, you can try to appeal to people’s reason, and see if they will listen to how their actions make you feel. Sometimes this is fruitful, many times they go right back to what they were doing.

    Stay true to yourself. That’s really what you have in life. Your own personal integrity. Sorry you are going through days like this, brother. I’ve been there, in many different places and situations. Remember: Everything’s temporary.

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