Dealing with lyrical emotions

At times there are some lyrics that I keep repeating over, and over in my head. Some good, some bad. I mean bad because they are weird lyrics or just a parody of the actual song. No, no Weird Al lyrics, though I will randomly sing some of those.

The other day we were listening to an album by Goldfinger. The song that popped up and lit a fuse was:

It was weird. The part that started it was:

You thinks its a joke, I find no reason,
Why i should laugh at you.
You think its a joke to take advantage
Of the life that supports you.

The part of course being the last line. Even worse with people I often work with. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I do. I try to make it fun when I can and don’t let things get to me. The only things that really get to me are when a co-worker doesn’t take into account that they are working and it’s a choice to do so, that and when people don’t think about others. After all it is a business we work at.

Today I arrived at work and knew that things were not going to be usual. What I mean by this is some things were not going to be finished, stocked, cleaned or ready to be used. I was right. I’ve said it before, “I hate being right.”

I get inside and see the progress of things being made and getting the store back to a state of normality. If there was such a thing, I guess. Try to get things done and make progress on what I normally do on my shifts in hopes to get more done later on.

This will be a fun shift…


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