When the heat is too much

The other day Jamie and I decided to get a couple of fans to keep our apartment somewhat cool. The summer is upon us and it’s making just about every body part stick to nearly everything. It feels great. You can read the sarcasm in that last sentence, right?

So, we went to Target because it was our first destination to look for a decent fan or two that would cool down our place. We walked around and finally found our way toward the back corner of the store where the fans are kept. No clue why they are placed there but they are. Looked at a few and got two different ones.

One for little man’s room, and one for the living room. Okay, let’s be real here. Really just two fans that we can use and wouldn’t break the piggy bank. We chose on a twenty inch fan and a smaller, black Honeywell brand that we are currently using between rooms.

They both work really well and don’t take much room. At least now they both work.

Notice I said now.

Yeah. When we got home, the first one I unboxed was the Honeywell one. Plugged it in and nothing happened. I heard the motor but the blades weren’t spinning.

Great. A non-functional fan that I would have to return. A drive back to the store to exchange what could potentially be a small fix. I was a little frustrated to say the least. I muttered to myself many things that would make a sailor tell me to watch my mouth.

Okay not that bad but I did get a little angry. I unplugged the fan, looked at the little piece of paper that came with it and began to read some of the instructions and the care of the fan. Yeah, they provide information about how to maintain the fan. It’s like they want you to keep it running for a long time.


I noticed it said there were a few places to remove screws. I thought to myself, I can’t pass up this opportunity for taking something apart. No way that’s getting passed up!

broken-fan-01I set the fan down.broken-fan-02

I turned it around and began to unscrew things. Thankfully the little instructions helped in finding the right location for the screws. There were only a few to undo but like things that you have to take apart it did take some time. It was fun.

Once I got all the screws out I took off the front of the fan. It was pretty neat to see the inside of the fan. I get excited when I take things apart if you couldn’t tell. So, I began to look for what could be causing the fan blades to not spin.broken-fan-03

I, of course, without paying attention to safety plugged it back in and turned it on.

The blades were spinning! In other words the fan works just not with the front grill installed. That meant something on the grill is preventing the blades from spinning.

But what?!

I took a closer look and noticed something was very off.

broken-fan-04 broken-fan-05

There was a broken part! What the French Press?! How did this happen? I wasn’t very pleased by seeing this. Then again who would be? So I began to take out two more screws to see if there was a way to repair it. I asked Jamie if we had any super glue.

broken-fan-06 We didn’t. We still don’t. I think I used the last of it when little man’s train broke. For the eleventieth time in a like a week. Okay, obvious exaggeration but you get the idea. Once the giant screws – there were two – were taken out I thought about just using one on the part that wasn’t broken.

You know what? That did the trick. It was great to see the blades spinning and it is great having a fan cool us down when the weather outside is only a balmy 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Needless to say that was great little project that developed from a quick trip and an unexpected broken piece of machinery.


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