That one time I had a family night

Today I went and saw the movie Minions with Jamie and SJ. We all liked it. This actually never would have happened too, truth be told. We were supposed to visit a friend and her newborn, little one. Things changed.

My day began like most typical Tuesdays do. I wake up, watch some Futurama with little man and around 11 I have my theme review meeting. About an hour later Jamie gets home from work and we have lunch together before she has to head out again. Depending on the length of the meeting I try to load the dishes in the dishwasher.

There are times when after Jamie leaves, I take little man and we go visit my store, say hi to the crew and maybe get a random Lego set. I tend to use my Starbucks tips for that. Safe to say we have a decent collection of them now.

If we do get a Lego set, we come home, clean up a little bit and then build it. SJ then proceeds to take it apart after a few hours of playing with it. He – of course – tells me that it’s broken and its missing parts but that’s part of the fun. Right? I hope so.

Around 6, Jamie finally gets home and we have dinner. I try to make something on those nights and this time it was no different. I made steak, corn slices, and some green bell peppers. Simple. No flashy, fancy dinner tonight.

As we ate our food, I asked Jamie if we were still going to visit our friend. She got no reply until later on. We didn’t go. Clearly. Instead of just sitting at home I wanted to go out and get some frozen yogurt. Okay, I wanted ice cream but I figure since we haven’t had that in a long time, it would be nice to have some.

As we were getting ready, little man decides to throw a bit of tantrum because he didn’t want to change his clothes. Some time passed and we managed to get him dressed and ready. We made our way to get some fro-yo.

I parked my car and looked at the time; noticed we had about forty-five minutes to get our fro-yo and eat it. We opted to eat inside the location and sat by the front window. I was rather surprised to see little man not only behave but using his spoon to consume his fro-yo. Keep in mind he was eating off Jamie’s cup and not mine. Hers had more fruit than mine.

Once we had finished we started to make our way back to the car when I noticed a fire engine pull in. I told little man that they were there to have some fro-yo as well. He was just ecstatic to see a fire truck in general. He loves those. I think now he has 4 different Lego fire truck sets.

So we made our way to the movie theater. Once we arrived I saw how packed the parking lot was and realized we may not be able to see the movie. At least at the time I had hoped.


I was right.

The showing for the time I was hoping to see was sold out, as well as the next one. What was nice was they had both 3D and regular showings. I’m not a huge fan of 3D because little man takes his glasses off and doesn’t like to put them back on. The next showing wasn’t for another hour and it was in 3D. After that it would have been the late showing ( 10pm ) of the movie. No way was I going to endure that. Leave, come back and then sit just to have little man fall asleep halfway through the movie.

No, thanks.

We got our tickets and wandered around for a while.

We began to make our way back when it was about a half hour before the movie. I could tell little man was starting to get tired. A good sign, perhaps? Ultimately it would prove to be so because once we got out of the movie and into the car, he quickly fell asleep. Made our way home and I set him in his bed.

It was a good end to a long day that almost didn’t happen.


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