Lyrically challenged

A few days ago I began playing an album I hadn’t heard in a long time. Amber Pacific’s The Possibility and the Promise. Took me back several years. One song that struck me was:

If you only knew the pain
The pain I keep inside
The pain that makes me “me”
Then without it who am I

It made me think about the movie Inside Out. If you haven’t already seen it, I highly suggest you go see it. Very heartfelt movie that will make you cry and feel for the protagonist. In the movie, Sadness touches one of the core memory balls and it makes Riley nearly cry as she recollects her time back at Minnesota before she moved to San Francisco.

The movie is a small reminder that every memory we have has some emotion attached to it. Even if it is a sad one, there is always going to be something that will turn it around. Even if that something derives from somebody else. I know I’ve said it before but it does amaze me that one person can truly have that much power. It’s scary.

I began to think about all the things in my life and all the things I’ve done. Life moments, experiences that weren’t always for the better. I’ve learned from them. I’ve gained valuable knowledge of what can happen and do associate some emotion to it. Strange to think about how many of them can be bad.

There will always be an emotion behind every good memory. It’s just a matter of what I want it to mean to me that matters most.


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