When the toys break

A few weeks ago I placed an order for a few batteries. A week later they showed up. I grabbed the toy that needed the batteries and problem solved.

So I thought.

Turns out it wasn’t as simple as replacing the batteries. The other two were simple. They worked and little man was happy to hear his construction trucks working once more. The last one wasn’t as nice. It was the bulldozer. For some reason it didn’t want to play nice. I tested the buttons but nothing seemed to happen. I looked a little closer to see if it would even light up.

It did. It just didn’t make any sounds. You would think that was great. Not for me. I want his toys to work.

I grabbed a small screwdriver and began to take it apart – like I do many things. Looked at how it was constructed and saw that the speaker terminals were not connected. IMG_6605I was upset because I lost my soldering gun long ago.

Today I went down to Home Depot and bought a soldering iron. Came home and began to take the toy apart – again.

As I began to take it apart I began to think about high school and all the little projects I made for my electronics class. Granted they were mostly projects I had purchased but it did take some time to put together. I do miss making things with my hands.

One of the first things I had to do was switch out the tip. The standard it came with was a flat iron and it would be far too wide for my needs

IMG_6606As you can see it was fairly easy with a small flat head screwdriver. Loosen the screw and make the switch. From there I took the small toy apart and waited for the iron to heat up. It was a few seconds later and I was ready to make the fix.

I made the small fix, tested, and nothing.

Still no sound.

As it turns out the speaker is fried. Well, not literally, but that is the part that actually doesn’t work. The LED works perfectly fine as do the other buttons but it just will not make any sound.

Sorry, little man. Maybe if I find the right speaker we can make it work next time.


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