Strange overnight stories

Yes, I have plenty of those. I have been working overnights for nearly a decade; hard to believe for some but I have. Each night can be a little different but they all have their unique atmosphere.

Some nights are better than others and some nights drag far more than they really should; guess that can be said for many jobs as well, right?

So, here it goes. This story happened some time ago and I’m just now finally getting around to writing about it. Why? Because I am finally able to sit and relax for the time and just write.

I get to work and one of the first things that happens is the shift on tells me that her stalker is in the lobby. Great way to say hi, right? I wanted to go out there and just kick this person out so badly but I knew I couldn’t do much about it. He wasn’t creating any issues and he wasn’t harassing anybody. Sucky situation if you ask me.

Now, the lobby closes at eleven o’clock and the drive thru stays open all night. ( Go ahead, sing the song, I know you want to ). My usual routine is comprised of bringing out all the plastic crates, the pastry cart, turning off some of the lights and putting on random music. Come three in the morning all is set back to the way things were and all is good with the store. Hooray!!

Things start to get a little interesting after about an hour or so into my shift. It is around nine, or ten, at night when I see a cop car with their lights on in our parking lot, in front of the store.

Great! What else could be wrong now?

Granted I am somewhat intrigued as to what is happening but I’m more focused on things that I really need to work on and clean since, you know, I am on the clock and all. Yes, I keep looking when I can to see what is happening and if I know any of the cops that are out there. Yes, I’ve come to know quite a few of the overnight cops since they do swing by and get a cup of coffee from time to time to stay awake. I may not always know the names but I do recall quite a few of the drinks they order.

When it finally began to slow down a little bit I noticed that one of the people who was being talked to by one of the officers was this said stalker from earlier.

Oh boy!

I got a little giddy and almost began to dance. How could I not be happy about it? Knowing that this person had potential to be going to jail for at least the night. Yeah, a little wrong but karma does have a way of working out in funny ways for some.

Closing time!

Yeah, we began to tell people that our lobby was closing down and they would have to vacate the lobby. We have no restrictions on the patio so they were free to sit outside and do what they wanted.

This particular night everybody was out fairly quick so we locked the doors once the last person left. About fifteen minutes after the lobby was closed, one of the partners had to use the restroom. Turns out there was somebody still in the men’s bathroom.

Yeah. About that.

So, we wait for a bit until we realize this person has been in there for a lengthy amount of time. Like they might have gotten stuck or fallen in amount of time. Our shift goes over, knocks on the door to let this person know our lobby was closed.

And this is where things get truly amazing!

Out comes a female and she is walking a weird fashion. Not your typical stride but one that resembles a first time marathon runner’s ending walk. Not too creepy to see and – of course – super hard to really put into words.

Seconds later a guy walks out.

Yep, you read that correctly. Those two were in the bathroom for that long. Doing what? I don’t know, nor do I really care to know. I just know I didn’t want to clean up any mess they had made or left.

It was great little event to have happened, right? For some.


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