Drunk out of mind

Okay this one is a little off in that I am a little delirious from having worked an over-night shift and still being awake about an hour after I was off work.


The night went by fairly fast but it was one of those nights that felt like it would never end. It was nice being busy but at the same time it was difficult to get things done. Yeah, I felt bad that we couldn’t get all the things done but you know what? It happens.

Work happens.

If anything I’m glad it was a steady night. Can be a good thing. Not only did it keep me fully awake it also does make for some really interesting tales to be told afterward. Or at least some venting from my fellow co-workers after work.

Yes, it does happen. Yes, we all do it at one point or another.

If anything, I think the highlight of the night was when the order arrived just after two in the morning. It was nice knowing that he had help from the other drivers in bringing in all the boxes. It was also nice knowing why he showed up at the time he did. As it turns out one of the stores that he was delivering to would not close properly.

A broken lock.

A locksmith had to be called out and he had to wait. About an hour or so. That meant all that driver could really do was sit back, play on his phone, watch the stars, or do absolutely nothing until that locksmith showed up. There is no way I could have done that without losing my mind.

Now, I’m just sitting in front of my desktop, typing, reading, and debating if I should even try to go to sleep. It is Thanksgiving after all and we have places to be later today.

Oh, yeah. And I get to work another graveyard shift tonight. It’s going to be a good day! 😀


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