Early holidays and late celebrations

About twenty years ago I was living with my parents and was ten years old. Crazy how times flies. Every year we celebrated Christmas. I never, truly knew why or what it meant. Honestly I never wanted to know either.

The only thing I knew was that we would get a gift or two and spend the day together as a family. It’s all I’ve ever known.

One of the things I recall best about all Christmases was when I would open a present and I knew what I was going to be getting. I really don’t expect people to give me things I want because I never wanted a lot growing up. Over the years that of course changed a bit. I learned to want things but often times things I needed to make me happy.

One of the best presents I have received is my first film camera. Yes. A Nikon. N75 to be exact. Loved it and wanted to explore more about this new world of increasing patience I would learn over the years. Yes. I began to fall in love with landscape and macro photography. After some time I bought a macro lens and started snapping random shots because why not?

More time passed and I bought a new toy. A digital SLR. D200. Over time I bought myself new things and explored more and more about what I liked doing and what I didn’t want to do. I rarely asked for presents. I still got them.

That’s not to say I am not appreciative or thankful for receiving them; I am. I’m grateful I get them.

Holidays have always been weird for me. It’s not that I hate celebrating them it’s that I hate seeing the ugly side of people. It doesn’t help that I have been working for nearly 15 years around people and customer service. It’s scary to see how people treat others.

The one thing that has managed to keep my sanity is family. Yes, my wife and kid keep me from screaming and yelling out profanities. 


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