On re-learning things

Today I saw a post that made me laugh a little bit. Not because of the content but because of the title and the comments around it. Yes, I said comments. I do read those from time to time.

This particular post was about learning JavaScript and the several resources available. That’s great. If you are into that.

I know I am.

I have always wanted to learn more about JavaScript and how it works. From the moment I first saw that little prompt asking what my name was when I first visited a site. Yes, that is JavaScript being run in your computer and even setting some things while you shop for a present.

JavaScript helps run the web.

Notice I said, “helps run” and not “is”. There is a reason for that. JavaScript does make things easy at times but it can also hurt at times.

That’s the reason I was sort of turned off by this post. Not the fact that they listed a lot of helpful resources but because they listed so many. One thing I have learned over the time is that when you give people more options it will take them more time to decide.

Yes, I am using Starbucks and Mel’s as examples.


When Mel’s introduced several new things to the menu it hurt not only me but the company. Just like Starbucks. It’s not that I don’t like new it’s that early adopters are never the best to market to. Okay I’m getting a little ahead of myself but it is rather true. Early adopters are not afraid of trying new things.

That’s great.

True. But what happens when they don’t like it? Exponential factoring does come in to play then. They tell three of their friends and then they tell three of their friends and by then 37 people already know that the product you worked so hard on failed. That’s just from one person! Supposing that they only told three friends and they told three other people.

Yes, the math behind it all sucks.

Back on topic

All I kept thinking about this link was, “what do you mean?”


That’s all I kept saying out loud. Not literally of course but you get the idea. I think what hurt the most was the fact that it was a round up of posts.

I love me a good round-up. I do but when it comes to learning resources it can feel a little daunting to some. Yes, there are a lot to look over but if you are anything like me it can feel like so much to look over.

In the course of my life I have learned that people like guidance. Providing a list only hinders that.

A little Starbucks history

If you are familiar with the history of the Starbucks cup sizes you can just skip the next few paragraphs.

When the company first began there were two sizes.

Yes. Only two.

Short. Tall.

Super simple, right? Well, some people clearly didn’t like that so they complained until they got their way. Not entirely accurate on that but they did expand on the sizes to both grande ( 16 ounces ) and venti ( 20 ounces ) sizes. A few years later and we now have the Trenta ( 32 ounces ) size for only iced coffee and iced teas.

Yes, people love consuming more and more.

The point

I know you may be wondering why I brought up a little history but it wll make sense. As you can see when Starbucks first began they only offered two sizes.


Only two sizes!

A short cup of coffee or a tall. Simple. No syrups. no temperatures, no other modifications to the drink.

Just coffee.

We all have our own ways of learning. Some are faster than others and we all have different ways of learning.

I have to, and I mean have to, actaully try things out and fail at it. Yes. Code is great example of this. Many code monkeys out there need to fail to understand what is happening.

I know I do.

It helps me see and understand the code that much better. Plus, when somebody on the forums asks a question I can tell them why it wrong so they learn too!

Yeah a little odd but that’s me. 😀

The post in question

I won’t post, or link, to that particular post only because I know most won’t follow it but it did list off 100+ resources on learning JavaScript. That’s great but with that many listed who will actually go through all of them? Better yet who will read the entire list and read one or two of the listed resources?

I know. Negative Nancy but it is a valid question.

I like stats if you couldn’t tell.

As you can see, or beter yet – have read. that is a lot of things to debate on. Knowing where or which one to begin with would be a super tricky thing for many. Even when I saw that list I was a little intimidated. Not because of the level but because of how many.

It’s scary to see that many things at once. It really is! Even more so when you don’t fully know what type of learning personality you have. You see that list and begin to wonder where to begin.

It’s scary!

Though even for somebody that does have some of the basic JavaSript knowledge it is hard to know where to begin. I’m still debating what will be the first thing to look over that list. Not entirely sure I will either.

Bringing it back

I think the biggest reason I won’t be reading through that list is because there are so many things. Dont’t get me wrong I like when people create lists of their own but that’s the thing, it is a list of their own.

I have my own list. I have my own way of learning. Going through that list made me feel like I had to re-learn a lot things just to understand the basics of JavaScript. It should never be that way. For anyone.


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