When losing your mind just isn’t enough

In the last decade I have actually helped train a lot of people and I mean a lot of people. I’ve helped managers, baristas, cooks, and the occasional server. I say this only because in the coming weeks I’ll have a rather new challenge.

Yes. A challenge.

There are people that catch on super fast when it comes to being taught new things and some that to this day still don’t know the basic process of making ice cubes. It’s okay; I get it we all learn at our own pace.

Because of  this I have learned to be patient when it comes to teaching people something they have never done before. Though I don’t like when they have been taught bad practices from the beginning. Yes, it has happened before. It is not easy to unlearn bad things.

In the following week we’ll be training a new person on how we run our store. I’m sort of looking forward to this because I do like to teach but will pose a bit of a challenge because I fear the learning will not be as quickly as we would like. Many of the people we have trained pick things up within the first couple of weeks and this particular case may take a bit longer.

This will be fun.


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