When your patience dwindles down

Over the years I have been told that I am the most patient person any has met. There are many times I really question that.

Many times.

I have been working at Starbucks since 2007 and have met a lot of people over those years. Many I consider family and many are acquaintances and some just people I worked with. Yes, that does include working at Mel’s Diner as well. In that time span I taught people how to make a latte, make an omelette, pancakes and more recently how to make a Flat White.

I had to learn a lot of those things myself so of course I know the feeling of learning something new. I love it. I think the best comparison is like being school once more. I loved going to school. I loved reading about new things and learning about new things as well. There are some people in this world that don’t like going to school and that’s fine by me. More power to you.

I write this out only because I really need to vent. This is my way of letting out my feelings, emotions, and -of course- thoughts so I don’t snap and yell at somebody.

Bare with me here.

The last couple of weeks were –dare I say– painful? To me. Not sure how the others feel about it but it does feel that way to me. You see we’ve been training a new person on how to make drinks, prepare our products, and just being a partner to the company. Every person that has tried to help can relate to this.

What hurts me most is that I get an impression this person does not want to be trained and does not want to be working with us. Yes, I get it. It can feel like it is a daunting thing to mess up on a drink. It’s coffee. It’s just one drink. I get it. Believe me, I do. People obsess over this but it just coffee.

On the shifts I work I’m trying to help. Trying my best to see how this person will do.

It scares me.

It really does.

There are times when I want to yell out, “are you actually listening to the customer?”

Okay I get that way even with experienced partners but that is still how I feel.

Last night I was about ready to punch a wall. Not because of this new person but because of the experienced ones that were on the floor just talking. Yes, I talk as well but I try to keep busy when there are customers that need to be helped.

You see, while working last night, it was only myself and one other person actually making drinks while taking orders. This was in the drive thru. The lobby wasn’t quite busy yet but there were enough drinks that I didn’t get a chance to see that we had a mobile order that had been placed. The stickers printed out and nobody even bothered to look.

I was a little mad. Okay, I was frustrated. Two people actually doing something and three others just standing by the machine that just printed out two more drinks and didn’t do a thing.

So, the person who had placed the order showed up and their drinks weren’t ready. Of course I wasn’t happy about that. I don’t like it. I hate that the person had to wait for me to finish when there more than enough people on the floor to make those drinks.

Okay, I’m getting a little sidetracked but still about work. Yes, a lot of things happened last night that drove me up a wall and a lot of those really could have been prevented.


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