A great change of pace

This post is more a reflection of the last ten years of my life. I have been through many rough patches, sadness, excitement, joy, confusion, fears, and just sheer exhaustion. I’ve had my greater moments and of course I’ve had my super lows; they come, they go, and I try to learn from them.

I’ve met tons of people over the years, shared my thoughts, shared my dreams, said plenty of jokes, and to this very day I cannot express how much every single one of them truly means to me.


When I was about 17 years old I got my very first job. It is very strange to say that was well over ten years ago. I began working at a pseudo restaurant making salads and sandwiches. The place was called Plutos. It was located in the local mall’s promenade area and was fairly popular within the community. Even to this day when I tell people I used to work there they say they love that place.

Yes, I have some good memories working there. I also have some not so good ones. That all comes with many jobs and as we get older we learn that and see it happen to not only ourselves but others around us. The best of times were of course when we were being mischievous. Things do get out of hand when the boss is away, right?

Fast forward a few years and I’m engaged, living with my sister and without a job. I spent nearly an entire month with no actual job. It was very, very weird for me. I filled that void by playing video games. I will always love video games.

Once I landed on my feet with my first job after a break I realized that I wasn’t quite making enough to make ends meet. I needed to find a second job. At that time I was working at Mel’s Diner doing the graveyard shifts as a cook. It wasn’t easy because I wasn’t used to that volume of busy by myself. Even at Plutos there were two other people to help you out and it was one person at a time. At Mel’s it was groups of food. With that I reached out to a friend asking if they needed help.

Enter the bucks

After some time of working Mel’s I got hired on at Starbucks Coffee Company. My first day was May 13, 2007.

Yes. I can remember my first day. I can also remember what happened that first day and most of that week. I got my partner numbers that day and my coffee career was started. Over the years I covered shifts at a few other stores, met some really amazing people, worked with people who should never breed, and even people who I feel don’t deserve to be working with the company but still are. You know what? I’m sure there is at least one person like that in every major company out there.

When I first began Starbucks, one thing I really loved was the Five Ways of Being. Five simple points, five simple things that can set the company apart from others. Those were:

  • Welcoming
  • Genuine
  • Knowledgeable
  • Considerate
  • Involved

They still have it. Small cards that partners can give one another in order to recognize one another when they excel in one of those aspects. Some stores still use them and some don’t. I sadly haven’t used one in years.

There is a reason for that.

I feel that over the years of standing in front of that steam wand, queueing my shots, and pumping my syrups, I did become somewhat jaded. I loved, and still love, talking to many of the customers. I’ve connected with many and share a lot of stories over the years. It’s been awesome.

End of the line

Now this will all come to an end on March 31st. My last day of not only working at Starbucks but working overnight shifts as well. I am scared, nervous, excited, anxious, and super ecstatic about this giant change in my life. Yes, I did only really dive into work I did over the last decade though that didn’t include the Happiness Engineer position I tried out for in 2015 or any of the random things I did to contribute to WordPress.

As I type this out, I can feel my heart racing in excitement and in knowing that I am going to be in a much happier place working at WP Site Care with a bunch of great people by my side. This opportunity opened up and there is no way I’m passing it up.


3 thoughts on “A great change of pace

  1. We really couldn’t be happier to have you join us. We feel like we’re the lucky ones and are excited to see how you can help us get better.

    Not to mention your ability to troll Rob is second to none 😉

    Welcome aboard, José!

  2. So excited for of you Jose! Super proud of you as well. You will do great things on your newest adventure. Will miss you for sure.
    Reach for the stars, you deserve the best.

  3. Phenomenal! One of those words that covers so many things: the new career; your commitment and contributions to WordPress; and, of course, you!


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