The hidden picture

In the fourth grade I had the chance to attend a good school. Okay, I’ve been privileged enough to get an education in general so I can’t really say good. Any school is a good school when you get a chance to attend. I’ve been super lucky and extremely fortunate to have experienced that in my life.

I recall a time when I got called to the office, or an office of some sort, and was asked to view a few things and tell them what I saw. Testing for color blindness and just vision in general. I already had glasses so that was the strange part for me. I sat there listening to their instructions and replied accordingly.

A lot of them were stereograms that to this day I still have issues with. Yes, my eyes don’t like me at times; they haven’t for a long time.

This got me thinking the other day when I was talking to a regular customer. I told them I was working for a few more days and it would come to halt with a good outcome. Of course they were happy but a little confused as to why I was leaving. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. Always have. Yes, there are times I get frustrated, upset, or even angry but that is only because I allow it to happen.

It doesn’t always show because I vent a lot. I’m open about it. I hate some people I’ve made drinks for. Okay, not so much hate but a fairly strong dislike or a fan of.

Now, that is only focusing a lot of my energy, my thoughts on the down. That can of course leave me standing like a stick in the mud. Progress is a good thing. Taking one step at a time is even better. Once you’ve got your walking stride out of the way, then you can begin to run.

I have this image in my mind that I will try to draw out. First to find my pencil, eraser, and some paper!


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