The leaving post

Yes, today is my last day working at Starbucks. After nine long years of talking to people, meeting, greeting, faking some moments, and handing out several smiles and making people’s days it will all come to an end at 4 in the morning when my shift is over. This is a huge step in my life and I feel super blessed by those who have supported me along the way. You know you who you are! A lot of that couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you.

In the last few years I began working overnight shifts in order to help out the store. I’ve made an impact on not only the customers but many of the people I was lucky enough to work with. I can see in their replies, in their faces, in their tone of voice when they say I won’t see them again.

No, I’m not dead.

Sorry to say but you will see me again, you’re stuck with me for a few more years.

What I will say is this is going to be a great adventure in not only learning about myself more but more about the person I will be.


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