Unspoken bond

Back in 2006 I moved out with my sister and my fiance. We lived in a two bedroom apartment and I was working as an assistant general manager until they let me go. I took some time off only because I wasn’t looking for a job. I landed one as a short order cook at Mel’s Diner. I would be working overnight from 10pm to 6am cooking. I wasn’t getting as many hours as I needed but worked hard to learn what I needed to do and what needed to be cooked.

Shortly after I found a second job. Working at Starbucks. This was the one that lasted me the longest to date. Nine years working there, making coffee, meeting new people and learning a lot about others as well as myself. During that time I attempted to attend online courses for Web Design and Multimedia in hopes to get a Bachelor’s Degree. Held out as long as I could but ultimately would not be able to finish the courses.

This didn’t stop me from learning about the web and its technologies. I began collecting books on PHP, CSS, JavaScript and reading as much as I could because I knew that needed to learn these things in order to advance myself. There were days when I felt like giving it all up and just be another person living day-to-day – paycheck to paycheck.

Jamie has always pushed my buttons. Both good and bad. She irritates me like nobody can but I couldn’t image my life without her. We have shared good things and bad things about each other and I feel like I really lucked out with her. She makes me feel beyond elated when she pushes me to better myself.

This is shown when I draw, when I paint, when I take a picture.

For years she was the artist in the family – and I still feel like she is. I love when she teaches me new things about art. In a way we do have that unspoken bond: art. She brings out the artistic side of me and it does bring a smile to my face. Not just when I express my artistic side but hers as well. She is the tripod to my camera.

All these years she’s supported me in every aspect of my life. She gave me an amazing gift four years ago that to this very day I am thankful for. Our son, Salvador.


Our little monster.

He makes me so proud when I see him. The things he does, the things he says make me happy to know that we are both raising a child with a bright future. It hasn’t been easy the last two years because he does take after dad a lot. I guess karma babies can happen.

I am lucky and blessed to have amazing people in my life and even luckier to be married to one and raising one.


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