My lack of drawing skills

I am not the greatest at drawing. I don’t intend to be but it would be nice to have – what I feel are – better skills when it comes to drawing. The reason I say is this is because every so often I look at my Instagram timeline and see one amazing sketch, one amazing painting, one amazing illustration, after another. It somewhat motivates me to draw more but I don’t do it. A few years back I tried to challenge myself by sketching a letter a day.

I didn’t succeed.

Clearly, I didn’t want it bad enough. Last night I was watching The Office; not the British version and I got to thinking about that challenge I made for myself.

If you haven’t been following or haven’t seen I’ve been trying to re-familiarize myself with Adobe Illustrator. You see when I took online courses for Web Design and Multimedia, and even before that, I loved to draw random things. This love of drawing began around fourth grade. What I remember was one kid drew something on his book cover and got in trouble. Quite honestly, I don’t fully recall why but I do recall it wasn’t allowed.

Fifth-grade rolls around and I am drawing on the paper bag covers of my books. History, math, science, and the occasional piece of paper were my mental release of creativity – or lack thereof.

So, back to The Office reference!

I reached the point in the series where Pam goes to New York to pursue her art. This hit me really hard because just hours prior I was talking to Jamie about me wanting to do more Illustrator-esque things because I want to challenge myself. It’s become more of a need now than want.

I’m not failing this time around.

The challenge

So, the challenge is simple. Draw one letter of the alphabet but use it as a character. That means 26 letters, 26 characters in total. Sounds simple enough and not much of a challenge, right?

That will be the easy part. The actual challenge will be turning those to vector graphics in one week using only the pen tool.

Starting Monday, May 22nd I will begin to draw one character per day. but if I can do more even better; I will be posting it on Instagram and once I’m done with the alphabet, the following day I will give myself 5 days to complete the Illustrator work.

This will be good.


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