A digital hand

Growing up I got talked to by my dad for the weirdest things.  One of which I now laugh at when I see my kiddo doing. Drawing on myself. In high school, I would get bored and draw on myself with a pen. A lot of the times it was random flames because come on it’s flames. They were so cool!

I doodled a lot growing up and I still do. Lately, it has been more and more though that I doodle. When I was taking online courses one of the classes I took was Illustration. I loved it.

I took an intro to digital art class at the local college and we got to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter. This was several, several years ago. I quite honestly don’t even recall what year but I do know that it was a fun class. That was one class that helped me understand how Adobe Illustrator worked and got me thinking more about Photoshop in different ways. I had prior experience using Photoshop since I liked working with random effects for forum signatures.

Yes, I like being on forums.

Anyway, back to what I wanted to get at. Illustrator.

If you haven’t been following me or know much about me you will see that I love to learn new things. I also love to share that knowledge when I can. A few weeks ago I set out to not only re-learn how to use Adobe Illustrator but to get better at it as well. It was a small challenge I made to myself. I completed it and did learn a lot from it as well.

One of the things I really learned was how to use the pen tool a lot better. You see, this was one of the harder things to really understand how it now only worked but what didn’t work as well. There were a few times when it felt like I should just give it up and not do it.

I made a video of me converting a drawing I had and sped it up. Overall I think the conversion took about 40 minutes. I didn’t do any audio because I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear me randomly cursing when things didn’t go quite as expected. Hope you like.

As for my process, I simply:

  1. Sketch it out on paper
  2. Darken the lines
  3. Take a photo or scan it
  4. Convert using Illustrator.
My tools
The things I use when drawing and doing digital art.

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