Who am I?

goofy looking grin
sans the glasses

I am Jose and I was born in El Salvador in 1985. Very few people truly get a chance to see the real me only because I can be very quiet from time to time. I have always been the somewhat shy, timid type but when I want I can be the loud, outgoing, overly excited, energetic and the most interesting person that you could or will ever come across.

I lead my life with no regrets and very little fear. I learn from mistakes and that is what life is meant to be: lessons. If you live with fear, life is not the same. You not only hold back from experiences but you also will lead your own life with nothing but what ifs.

I can be creative, the nicest person you could ever meet, the biggest jerk in the world, very loving, random and I am extremely caring about those that I meet.

I love art and the many forms that it is capable of taking. From the tangible objects in display at a gallery to the lyrics and sounds my favorite musicians are capable of imagining, creating and reproducing. For me art is everything and everywhere. One can easily find the beauty in the smallest thing and can not only make people think but inspire and motivate all at once.

Art was always a crucial part in my life. From the time I could color to the first time I saw lines of code. Art has not only captivated my mind but has also led me to where I want to be in life. I love expressing myself in any way, shape or form. I have been both teaching myself and practicing to play Flamenco guitar since 2005. I love taking photos when I get an opportunity.

I love art, design and typography. If I’m not helping on the WordPress.org forums, WordPress.com forums or reviewing a theme you will most likely find me on Twitter or Facebook.