Setting up shop

Today I got the courage to finally get the ball rolling on my shirt ideas. I’ve had these ideas for quite some time and I figure today was just the day to start.


I’ve set up a Threadless shop for this. This was something I wanted to do for several years but never really got around to it. Part of that reason was I didn’t think I had the time. I also took the plunge and will be selling stickers on my personal site. I’m really looking forward to this because it lets me be more artistically creative.

That alphabet thing

The last time I posted I made a challenge. To draw out all the letters of the alphabet and convert them all to vector graphics. It was fun, it was a little hard, and it was rather educational.

The challenge was to actually create one letter per day and only use the pen tool to convert to a vector graphic. I tried hard on some but when it came time to creating circles, I had to use the ellipse tool

The other part of the challenge was to actually convert all of those in less than five days. I chose five because I am still trying to get a grasp on many of the tools and how they work.

Today I managed to finish them all.

There ya have it! It was fun for me to create all of the little creatures, characters, what-you-ma-call-its.

My alphabet challenge

The other day I shared a challenge I wanted for myself. Since then I have drawn 26 letters and had a lot of fun with it. Each letter was a slightly different character design in mind.

The cool part is I finished way ahead of what my initial goal was. I wanted to do one letter per day but instead, I plowed ahead and drew as many as I could on a given day.

The following are all the ones I drew. In the following days, I’ll be using Illustrator to convert them to vector graphics.

If you really want to follow along with it all do make sure to follow me on instagram since I’ll be posting progress pictures of it all.

My lack of drawing skills

I am not the greatest at drawing. I don’t intend to be but it would be nice to have – what I feel are – better skills when it comes to drawing. The reason I say is this is because every so often I look at my Instagram timeline and see one amazing sketch, one amazing painting, one amazing illustration, after another. It somewhat motivates me to draw more but I don’t do it. A few years back I tried to challenge myself by sketching a letter a day.

I didn’t succeed.

Clearly, I didn’t want it bad enough. Last night I was watching The Office; not the British version and I got to thinking about that challenge I made for myself.

If you haven’t been following or haven’t seen I’ve been trying to re-familiarize myself with Adobe Illustrator. You see when I took online courses for Web Design and Multimedia, and even before that, I loved to draw random things. This love of drawing began around fourth grade. What I remember was one kid drew something on his book cover and got in trouble. Quite honestly, I don’t fully recall why but I do recall it wasn’t allowed.

Fifth-grade rolls around and I am drawing on the paper bag covers of my books. History, math, science, and the occasional piece of paper were my mental release of creativity – or lack thereof.

So, back to The Office reference!

I reached the point in the series where Pam goes to New York to pursue her art. This hit me really hard because just hours prior I was talking to Jamie about me wanting to do more Illustrator-esque things because I want to challenge myself. It’s become more of a need now than want.

I’m not failing this time around.

The challenge

So, the challenge is simple. Draw one letter of the alphabet but use it as a character. That means 26 letters, 26 characters in total. Sounds simple enough and not much of a challenge, right?

That will be the easy part. The actual challenge will be turning those to vector graphics in one week using only the pen tool.

Starting Monday, May 22nd I will begin to draw one character per day. but if I can do more even better; I will be posting it on Instagram and once I’m done with the alphabet, the following day I will give myself 5 days to complete the Illustrator work.

This will be good.

Not so evil shenanigans

Okay, I have always wanted to have a post title like that. For one, it has been far too long since I posted on here. I just don’t think about it. Okay, I haven’t thought about it in some time, I wanted to post something last week but ended up scrapping it and a few drafts as well.

A lot has been on my mind. I think that also explains why I keep having issues sleeping throughout the entire night. I wake up at random times of the night. There are times it is because of the cat wanting to go out but that’s not often. I am very scatter-brained lately and I need to focus.

The last month has flown and it has made me a little sad. The biggest reason is that my little man is going to be going to kindergarten this August. THIS AUGUST! Crazy how much time has flown.

I love spending time with him and learning new things. The other day we went to a Dinosaur Day event held at the local public college – Sierra College. It was sort of last-minute thing since Jamie wanted to go to the Fountains – local mall area thing – and ride the train they have there. Instead, we went and learned about fossils, launched a few “meteors,” watched a methane fireball, played with some slime, made a “moon rock,” got some seeds we can plant, and even learned about how glow in the dark bacteria was made.

Last month we also went to the Earth Day event that a local park was having. We saw a chicken, he got to sit in the driver seat of a police car, walked inside the cab of a pumper fire truck, and got to play with a spray bottle to simulate rainfall. It was fairly long, eventful day but a great day nonetheless.

In between, we even went to the railroad museum with my sister; that same day we went to Sutter’s Fort and almost got a parking ticket – so that was fun. It was a little hotter than usual but it was a good day as well.

It hasn’t been easy for me to see those good days. It really hasn’t honestly. Part of that reason is that I have been sidetracked with other things while those days were going on. I do have this issue of not being able to turn off my brain. I have to be doing something and when I’m not I feel and think super strange.

The last couple of days, I have been trying to re-learn JavaScript. There are two posts that I’ve been reading and the super weird part is that they make sense to me. I have always struggled in learning about programming and a lot of that was because I read more about it so it starts to get over my head. I have this issue with wanting to learn in general because I want to learn the hardest thing first so the simple things will make more sense. This is true since I chose to learn to play Flamenco guitar over the classical.

Crank that lesson up to 11.

Okay, a little rambling but you get the idea.

The good news is that I am somewhat capable of calming my brain down a little by drawing and doodling. Art really. Playing the guitar – okay, strumming really – randomly has also helped. What has also helped is that when I do draw, little man also wants to join in.