A little late

Yes, it has been quite some time since I last posted on here. I had to look it up and it was back in June when I last wrote something out. I’ve been trying to focus a little more on work and family. Balance is not always an easy thing.

The following images are mostly a recap of things that have happened. We went to Lake Tahoe for a weekend with my sister, I attended our local WordPress Meetup, Sal started school, we spent time with a friend at a local event – it was Waste-A-Palooza and it was really neat – we visited a friend, played games together, and tried to play catch.


A digital hand

Growing up I got talked to by my dad for the weirdest things.  One of which I now laugh at when I see my kiddo doing. Drawing on myself. In high school, I would get bored and draw on myself with a pen. A lot of the times it was random flames because come on it’s flames. They were so cool!

I doodled a lot growing up and I still do. Lately, it has been more and more though that I doodle. When I was taking online courses one of the classes I took was Illustration. I loved it.

I took an intro to digital art class at the local college and we got to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter. This was several, several years ago. I quite honestly don’t even recall what year but I do know that it was a fun class. That was one class that helped me understand how Adobe Illustrator worked and got me thinking more about Photoshop in different ways. I had prior experience using Photoshop since I liked working with random effects for forum signatures.

Yes, I like being on forums.

Anyway, back to what I wanted to get at. Illustrator.

If you haven’t been following me or know much about me you will see that I love to learn new things. I also love to share that knowledge when I can. A few weeks ago I set out to not only re-learn how to use Adobe Illustrator but to get better at it as well. It was a small challenge I made to myself. I completed it and did learn a lot from it as well.

One of the things I really learned was how to use the pen tool a lot better. You see, this was one of the harder things to really understand how it now only worked but what didn’t work as well. There were a few times when it felt like I should just give it up and not do it.

I made a video of me converting a drawing I had and sped it up. Overall I think the conversion took about 40 minutes. I didn’t do any audio because I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear me randomly cursing when things didn’t go quite as expected. Hope you like.

As for my process, I simply:

  1. Sketch it out on paper
  2. Darken the lines
  3. Take a photo or scan it
  4. Convert using Illustrator.
My tools
The things I use when drawing and doing digital art.

Setting up shop

Today I got the courage to finally get the ball rolling on my shirt ideas. I’ve had these ideas for quite some time and I figure today was just the day to start.


I’ve set up a Threadless shop for this. This was something I wanted to do for several years but never really got around to it. Part of that reason was I didn’t think I had the time. I also took the plunge and will be selling stickers on my personal site. I’m really looking forward to this because it lets me be more artistically creative.

That alphabet thing

The last time I posted I made a challenge. To draw out all the letters of the alphabet and convert them all to vector graphics. It was fun, it was a little hard, and it was rather educational.

The challenge was to actually create one letter per day and only use the pen tool to convert to a vector graphic. I tried hard on some but when it came time to creating circles, I had to use the ellipse tool

The other part of the challenge was to actually convert all of those in less than five days. I chose five because I am still trying to get a grasp on many of the tools and how they work.

Today I managed to finish them all.

There ya have it! It was fun for me to create all of the little creatures, characters, what-you-ma-call-its.

My alphabet challenge

The other day I shared a challenge I wanted for myself. Since then I have drawn 26 letters and had a lot of fun with it. Each letter was a slightly different character design in mind.

The cool part is I finished way ahead of what my initial goal was. I wanted to do one letter per day but instead, I plowed ahead and drew as many as I could on a given day.

The following are all the ones I drew. In the following days, I’ll be using Illustrator to convert them to vector graphics.

If you really want to follow along with it all do make sure to follow me on instagram since I’ll be posting progress pictures of it all.